Heather Jo Flores

Hello! I'm Heather Jo Flores

I'm a writer, artist, musician, organic gardener, permaculture teacher, and I offer free online courses and forums for creative folks who love plants.

I specialize in stuff for women writers, but you don’t have to be a writer nor a woman to enjoy my work–all types of creative people will love these resources.

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Heather Jo Flores

Read my book for free!

Want to learn how to grow food and live in a more ecological way? Read this book! I wrote it in 2006, and it's focused on how to live more ecologically, even if you don't own land or have a lot of money.

Explore free permaculture courses

I created a yearlong course that will help you design your garden, home, and community in ecological ways, and Created a bunch of other, shorter courses, using permaculture to improve all aspects of your life. Check it out!

Permaculture Women's Guild

Get your permaculture designer's certification and find a 1:1 mentor from our faculty of 40+ women. Check out Permaculture Women Magazine, and contribute your stories too!

Stuff for women writers

I have a bunch of resources, how-to articles, and some awesome writing challenges for women writers at my personal blog site:

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